College Bound was created out of our community’s need  for to help families find the right college or university for the student, give them assistance on essays, finding the right environment for their student, and referring to fully licensed Financial Advisers to help families prepare their finances for maximizing college financial aid while not derailing a family’s financial future and retirement.

The creators of College Bound searched for other companies, both nationally and locally, that would be able to satisfy the needs of their clients to the greatest level of quality and ethics.  In this search, they found many companies that do a fine job.  They found many more that were only marketing companies looking to make a sale by making tempting, but entirely unfounded guarantees, while not actually delivering on any sort of quality.  The decision was made to start a company that would satisfy the need to provide quality college counseling, and refer to the best possible financial assistance.

It has been our objective to have students graduate with a degree in the field of their choice, in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of debt possible.  Meet the professionals that take the stress out of the college acceptance process.

College Bound Staff

Financial Consultants