CBS has the expertise in counseling and financial planning to offer Complete College Planning Services

We will complete an in-depth conversation with the student and parents to gather the information necessary to create a foundation for your College Bound Strategy:

  • Assess what you have done so far in preparation to pay for college
  • Determine and refine the student’s college aspirations
  • Understand the student’s career interests
  • Conduct effective major and career exploration
  • Define learning environment, culture, and other attributes of desired college experience
  • Identify the schools that the student wishes to attend
  • Prepare a list of colleges and universities uniquely suited to student’s academic, social, and career goals
  • College research and selection
  • Match the student with the appropriate college/university that offers the best opportunity for success
  • Review curriculum necessary to qualify for college admission
  • Review SAT/ACT test schedules
  • Assist in creating a dynamic resume
  • Guidance in obtaining meaningful letters of recommendation
  • Develop essay topics to create essays that make powerful statements
  • Develop an application timeline
  • Practice interviewing skills and preparation
  • Financial review
  • Completion of FAFSA and CSS (senior year)
  • Review acceptances and assist in school selection

It’s never too late if you are a senior just starting the process

  • Financial review to maximize financial aid
  • Completion of FAFSA and, if required, the CSS
  • Assist in research for the right schools
  • Customized services for the completion of college applications and essays
  • Review acceptances and assist in final school selection

For a Do-It-Yourself approach

Independent Research and Selection Services

  • Financial Review to maximize financial aid
  • Completion of the FAFSA and CSS if required

Access and training to use proprietary research software that does the following:

  • Evaluates your aptitude for different careers
  • Matches careers with the degree it requires
  • Matches the student with the schools that offer those degrees
  • Provides side by side school comparisons
  • Establishes application and testing time lines
  • Provides online applications for most colleges and universities
  • 1 1/2 hours of hands on orientation to the software
  • Access to 1/2 hour of ongoing user support

We also offer our financial counseling services  

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