College Scholarships and Grants – Need Based Grants

In Blog by Suzanne Duncombe

To start our financial aid series, we begin with need based grants. The Federal grants are the Pell Grants, and California has the Cal Grants. For the Federal Grants, there is no base GPA, but the highest award only goes in to the $5500 range. There are five different Cal Grants. The lowest GPA requirement is now a 2.4, but the bulk of the grants require a 2.7-3.0 or above. The highest awarded amount is around $10,000, and it is also considering the cost of the school in question. There are different changes in requirements for each one, so make sure to check the requirements and possible awards for each. Because these grants are need based, the family income must be below $60,000, but due to competition, most of the money awarded goes to those with incomes around $40,000 or less.