Our counselors work with students through every aspects of the college application process.

We begin with an assessment of prospective career interests and possible major choices.  This is followed with a thorough appraisal of academics, activities, work, and volunteer experience: as well as an evaluation of each student’s desired college culture.  Once this information is compiled, an individualized college list is created comprised of 12 – 18 colleges that fits the student’s academic, career, and social needs.  The student then researches these colleges and, after the final list has been developed, the application work begins in earnest.

Students then begin the process of creating their college application profiles.  Our counselors guide students through the brainstorming and editing process of the college essays, the creation of vibrant resumes to present to those writing letters of recommendation, and the arduous task of completing supplements.  Prior to submission, each application is reviewed with the student for accuracy.  Additionally, we provide suggestions for campus visitations, and we conduct mock interviews with each student should their application require it.  There are built–in timelines for each step of the process, designed to break into organized, manageable segments, what can be a most stressful time for both parents and students.

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