Our financial professional referrals are certified college planning specialists that will assist you in determining your financial situation to implement an efficient strategy to pay for college.  They integrate this strategy with your over all retirement and financial goals.

  • Conduct a financial review with a college financial adviser that will detail strategies to maximize financial aid
  1. Discuss your current financial situation.
  2. Assess your current strategy to pay for college.
  3. Integrate paying for college with your other family financial objectives.
  4. Develop a detailed plan on the most affordable and tax efficient way to pay for college.
  5. Assist with the financial aid appeal process if required.
  • Strategies to maximize your need and merit based aid.
  • Completion of the 1st years FAFSA and, if required, the CSS

Consult a licensed financial professional.  Schools may offer financial aid packages and merit scholarships regardless of income.  Make sure you are positioned to get the most from your financial aid package.

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