See what our parents have to say about CBS:

“We were extremely pleased with the services provided by College Bound Strategies and would highly recommend their service to families seeking guidance and assistance with the process of choosing and applying to colleges. Suzanne and Amanda were both incredibly supportive and professional and available through every step of the process. At the outset, the entire process seemed daunting, but Amanda broke it down into manageable steps and offered the guidance we needed for each step.  She helped our daughter identify what she wanted in a college and then found lots of colleges that met that criteria and which offered the kind of financial aid we required.  Amanda was very patient and supportive and she kept our daughter on schedule so that she completed every step on time, without ever making her feel rushed.  She was also very helpful throughout the application process; helping our daughter with her essays and with identifying who would be her best references.  She addressed every concern that my husband and I raised and had suggestions and recommendations to address all of them.  Without her guidance, I know we would have been stressed and overwhelmed.   She made the whole process easier and the result was just what we’d hoped for.  We give College Bound Strategies our highest recommendation.”Bonnie and Tony Negrete
“I am pleased to recommend College Bound Strategies to any family looking for assistance with the entire college acceptance process. From the moment I sat down with owner Suzanne Duncombe and College Counselor Amanda Howell, I knew they sincerely cared about helping my daughter to not only identify the perfect college where she would thrive, given her interests and personality, but also to actually get accepted into that college. We immediately felt like family with College Bound Strategies, unlike our experience with another firm where we walked away feeling like “dollar signs”. My daughter and I were given as much time with Amanda as we felt necessary at every level of the process. I often say that even if we all got from CBS was the reassurance and pep talks from Amanda, it would have been worth it; of course we got that and much, much more. The guidance we received was priceless and I can sincerely say that anyone working with College Bound Strategies will not be disappointed, and will be able to look back on the college acceptance process with appreciation to CBS and their services and positive results. We will definitely be using College Bound Strategies again to guide our second college bound student!”Amandah Paren
“College Bound was with us from start to finish even helping with questions about scholarship applications and interviews. Because of your expertise, we were made aware of opportunities we wouldn’t have found otherwise. Choosing the right college is a pivotal point in a child’s life and we are so happy we had College Bound assisting us. College Bound was a great help with the extensive and time consuming process, especially for two working parents. We were able to enjoy the journey of selecting a college with our son rather than look at it as another chore to do after a long work day.”Bill and Tina Bulmer
“College Bound Strategies is our savior!!  We were actually members of another college planning company in the valley since my son was in 9th grade.  During these 3 ½ years, we only had a few meetings and my son had only one meeting and a college application seminar for ½ day when he was a senior.  It was hard to set up the meetings and they did not do ANYTHING they promised to do for us, such as “walk your son through to be accepted by colleges he wants to go, using our special resources”. Our nearly $3,000 went down the drain.  Chris, Jim and Suzanne came to the rescue and helped us to fill out FAFSA and all the others in VERY last minutes!  Without their help, we could not make it through. My son will be a college student at one of the great institutions this fall, thanks to them.  The staff at CBS genuinely wants to help you, not take your money and strand you.  They are DIFFERENT and you can trust them! I highly recommend their service to you and to tell the truth, my other son who is a junior this year will be their client.”Ikuko Heid
“We highly recommend College Bound Strategies to any family that is facing the daunting task of applying to colleges.  We learned that today’s college applicants face challenges and obstacles not present during our generations’ college searches.

Unlike its competitor, CBS did not try to “wow” us with a sales pitch, or intimidate us with “scare tactics”. They offered their knowledge and guidance and even before we signed-on with them, they spent the time to explain (in depth) some of the considerations that lie ahead.

What attracted us to CBS was the level of integrity they showed.  We were impressed with their honesty, their candidness and their willingness to step up to the challenge of accepting a High School Senior in the summer before applications were due. We realized from the very beginning that there are no “guarantees”.  We were not looking for guarantees, we were looking for results, namely providing our son the greatest chance of being admitted to the school of his dreams.  We needed a set of strategies to move forward toward those goals.

When we were told that our son would receive 20+ hours of “face-time” with an experienced guidance counselor we knew this was an extraordinary value and would be worth every penny!  The counselors at the schools do the best they can do, but with budget cuts and increased student-to-counselor ratios, our students are lucky if they get an hour of face-time!  In addition to the face-time provided, we also benefited by having a trained eye to offer feedback on the college-essays.  This required many additional hours of reading, feedback, edits and status meetings.

Having the essays perused by another set of eyes looking at it from the perspective of a college admissions officer, provided feedback and suggestions that could not be gleaned from another source.  In addition to suggesting alterations in the essays and helping to select the appropriate “essay topic” for each campus, our college guidance counselor helped provide mock-interviews and narrow down the field of choices to a manageable amount, based on the specific criteria deemed important through interviews with our son.  The list of suggested colleges was further broken down into categories of “Reach” (dream schools), “Medium” (50/50 chance of getting in) and “Safety” (nearly certain admittance) Schools.

Throughout the journey, our guidance counselor was there to “hold our hands” and lead us through the unknown paths that lie ahead.  She was phenomenal, and made herself extremely accessible.  She was very prompt at returning calls and emails, and she worked very well with the students (who frankly are more apt to listen to a counselor than their mom or dad), and parents.

Signing-on with College Bound Strategies was clearly the best choice for our family.  Having an experienced hand to guide us and provide timelines, goals, and do-able tasks helped to reduce the stress level in our home, and forced our son to be accountable to someone else while making sure that every deadline and requirement was met.

We discovered that you cannot put a price on paving the way toward securing a child’s educational and, hence, financial future. We are pleased to recommend CBS to others and will be happy to make ourselves available via email if anyone would like to ask more in-depth questions. (”Josy, Steve and Bobby Block